Own That Casual Groutfit (Spiritual Gangster)

Selfies showing the art of the groutfit in 3...2...1... Hey Fashion Addicts! For anyone who's still sober and upright from St. Paddy's Day weekend, I'm sharing my casual Groutfit (Grey Outfit...it's a thing) but more importantly this amazingly soft "Soul Searcher" zip-up hoodie. If you're not familiar, there's a fabulous brand out there called Spiritual … Continue reading Own That Casual Groutfit (Spiritual Gangster)

High-end, Low-end

Hey Fashion Addicts! I've missed havingย the abilityย to consistently blog like the desert misses the rain, ya'll. But here I am to share my "high-end, low-end". As an avid shopper and fashion lover I come across many types of fashion from different stores. Those stores also carry various price points. Anyone who has been married to … Continue reading High-end, Low-end