High-end, Low-end

Hey Fashion Addicts! I’ve missed having the ability to consistently blog like the desert misses the rain, ya’ll. But here I am to share my “high-end, low-end”. As an avid shopper and fashion lover I come across many types of fashion from different stores. Those stores also carry various price points. Anyone who has been married to fashion for the majority of his or her life knows that the price of the outfit doesn’t make it fashionable, it’s completely about how you rock it. With that said, I get multiple compliments each time I wear these faux suede over-the-knee boots. People gush and ask, “where did you get them??” and they are always so surprised when I reply, “Charlotte Russe.” Now, I don’t shop at Charlotte Russe often. Not because the prices are affordable rather I’m just not a huge fan of their overall style sometimes…it can be a bit “highschool girl trying to be trendy” or “18 and over club” like. But I did find these awesome boots and purchased them in TWO colors. I would’ve gotten more if they had them. So here you see that I’m pairing Charlotte Russe Boots with a Michael Kors January 2016 Collection denim dress and a Forever21 jacket. All of this is to say that you shouldn’t be shy about sharing where you got something fabulous just because it wasn’t a “high-end” store or if it was someplace that fashion snobs would turn their noses up at the simple mention of the store. Wear what you like and if you happen to be in Wal Mart and see something that you can kick up and accessorize, do it! That’s the fun of fashion, having the skills to make the simplest things extraordinary. 

Let me know if you love it!



// Dress: Michael Kors / Boots: Charlotte Russe (Similar, mine are sold out!) / Jacket: F21 (cute option!) //

2 thoughts on “High-end, Low-end

  1. Audrette says:

    Well said! I have in the past received some of the best comments on my less expensive purchases. I believe we dress for ourselves, but on an occasion a nice “thats beautiful girl! Where did you get that” lol and with an unapologetic response “the clearance rack at Burlingtons!” Lol thanks for sharing!


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