Allow Me To Reintroduce This Blog…

Beauties! Chasing Dom is for your closet and for your soul. The fashion will stay and will be more consistent but after doing some growing and talking with some of the women closest to myΒ heart and soul, we need some depth around here! Β I want to talk about what most fashion blogs don’t talk about. This stems from seeing superficial fashion/lifestyle blog after superficial fashion/lifestyle blog and even slipping into that simple surface routine myself. I’m gonna get straight to the point. Raise your hand if you poke and prod your body *raises hand* Raise your hand if you wonder why your waist isn’t as tiny as hers (how is that waist so snatched?!) *raises hand* Raise your hand if you’ve thought about surgical procedures you could get away with without it being “too, TOO obvious”…does this count as exercise? *raises hand*.


It would be so refreshing if we could stop dressing in ways that made it appear like we have more, or less than we do and wear what WE genuinely like. Not what men like, & not what we think makes us look better than other women. Like J.Cole said, “Love yours” & if you don’t, work toward that direction but we HAVE to stop punishing ourselves and putting who we really are on time out. Having personally dealt with feeling like I needed to wear two bras at one point, wondering why I didn’t have the “black girl butt” at another point and grabbing pieces of my midrift flesh and pinning it back to see what I’m missing out on…I’m ready to share. We NEED to share. We are all carelessly aware that we share some insecurities. What we don’t know is how deep those insecurities go and how much we fuel one another’s. Basically, I’m over social media and the world of beauty and reality television creating copy after copy of superficiality.

Right at this second, I could scroll through Instagram and screenshot 8 different pictures of 8 different women but you wouldn’t realize that they were different people because everyone is using the same techniques to achieve the same exact look. At my core, that sits well with me as long as you do it because that’s what YOU want and not because you’re hiding yourself.Β why u so prettyI’m inviting you to learn and grow with me. I’m inviting you to share experiences so that we can see how much our insecurities bring us together and how we can get through them, inch by inch, lash by lash and pound by pound. The motto here is this, “We shouldn’t standardize something that at the end of the day, we can’t control.” basically, what the hell are beauty standards? We don’t have a hand in controlling our features and shortcomings, naturally, so how dare we standardize it? Β #NoStandards

Lotts of Love,


3 thoughts on “Allow Me To Reintroduce This Blog…

  1. tiffaniitreats says:

    I can not say how many times I feel like I’m not good enough in my skin. My own skin. It sucks and I can’t say that it’s all because of someone else’s standards but my own artificial and ridiculous ones. It’s time that I make a move towards a good standard. A realistic one. Love this so much!

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