Indian Summer Vibes

kimono standing

Cheers to the weekend Beauties! I hope everyone had a great week and if it was not-so-great, you’ll get a fresh start in just a couple of days πŸ™‚ I’ve been bogged down with finals and trying to get everything knocked out but I want to quickly share this incredible one-size fits all kimono, sheer patterened top, and yes…more distressed jeans. I want all my jeans to have holes right now and I think it has everything to do with the warmer weather that we’re FINALLY getting.

Kimono with jeans 2

This pattern is just so dope and vibrant. The Kimono was made in India so it definitely has that Sari inspiration. I should add India to my travel list, what do you guys think?

kimono and jeans

& these Steve Madden look alikes were a STEAL from DSW at $20 a pair so I went with a black pair and a nude pair. I really just couldn’t leave em πŸ™‚Β Ok back to finals!Β Get The Look:Β Tie-up Flats

Lotts of Love,


 #NoStandards ❀

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