Strong Sticks + Fierce Stones

sticks and stones1

Hey Beauties! What a RIDICULOUSLY busy week this has been. I’ve officially wrapped up yet another semester and I feel so much lighter! I can read my new books, research more ways to be a better blogger AND keep Views and the 4 songs that I like on Lemonade on repeat..YAS. Anyway, this fashion Friday (note: originally posted on Friday and updated on Monday) is about sticks and stones, which I’ll explain in a bit, and also about this great dress which is super suitable for many body types.

sticks and stones 3

So, everyone will ALWAYS have something to say about the way that you look and the way that you’re shaped. Some of us are sticks, some of us are stones and some of us are somewhere between the two. The point of this is that we can be some of the strongest sticks and fiercest stones but words can hurt like hell. When this happens, think about how much of a threat you might be to someone if they are taking the time to attack you or how insecure they must be in themselves. My other quick point that I would like to say on this subject is for the sticks not to criticize a stone for being too heavy and for the stones to not crticize a stick for being a “twig”. I especially say this for people who tell the petite girls to “eat something”. Even if the “standard” seems to be to have a thinner body it can be hurtful. Also for people who label plus sized women Obese, did you open up a medical practice and get a PhD and not tell me? Yes, Obesity is a real disease but if you don’t plan on treating someone or don’t have the authority to diagnose, I’d keep that comment to yourself. At the end of the day we don’t know everyone’s body struggles, so tell her she looks FABULOUS and go about your day! You’ll feel much better and so will she.

sticks and stones 7

Ok, now that everyone is full of life and encouragement…on to my look!

sticks and stones2

The amazing thing about a dress like this is 1. The neckline is elastic so you can choose to either do off-the-shoulder or a higher neckline (it was sunny and Springy soooo I wasn’t passing up an off-the-shoulder moment) and 2. It’s one of those “I feel bloated today but I still wanna be cute” kind of dresses. It’s a trendy, tie-dye MuuMuu style dress with bell sleeves and accent embroidery. You can be so comfy and FAB on your I’m not-so-hot days! YAS.

sticks and stones 5

sticks and stones 6

Since the dress is a subtle blue tie-dye I added my colorful Kate Spade woven hand bag and orange Michael Kors sunnies  for some serious flavor vibes.  Have a great weekend babes.

Lotts of Love,


#NoStandards ❤

Flats // Similar Dress // Similar Wicker Kate Spade Bag

4 thoughts on “Strong Sticks + Fierce Stones

  1. Audrette says:

    Love love love it!! I love how you’ve shown the versatility of the dress!

    As a woman in her late 40’s that has put on a few pounds over the years I can definitely relate. I’ve always been curvy, but this is a new type of curvy that I just can’t use to. I own that. i have to say it is very difficult to hear someone say “you’ve put on some weight” Umm yeah I know! lol. So because I realize that I have put on some weight it is my job to do something about it. I’ve also lately have been a little jealous of smaller women or women that have gained weight and have done something about it! 😦 I think this is because I’m unhappy with the numbers on the scale. I definitely do not think I am obese, but I am uncomfortable. Because I am tall I carry the pounds a bit different which is a good thing. Thank you again for sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Pazoria Red Breast says:

    Love the sublet blue tie-dye dress I would definitely wear in a hot summers day here in Britain. However I can more than relate I am a petite mum wearing only size 6 &8 maybe 10 if small. I get people looking at me making sly comments and saying I am so skinny I need food or some body parts are not developed yet. Sometimes this makes me body conscious and hate my appearance. But what can I do got to love myself God created me beautiful and that’s how I am going to stay. I love your post, it was a boost of encouragement.


    • Dominique Lott says:

      Thank you for reading! I’m glad that you were able to connect with it. It’s tough out here for all body types so we shouldn’t make it harder on each other. Being petite has it’s issues too! Thanks again for reading 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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