My ‘Myspace Top 8’ for Petite and Plus-Size shopping

MySpace doesn’t really have anything to do with this, but remember choosing a top 8? Moving on…what I’ve noticed lately is the rise of the Instagram boutique. If you’re not familiar with Instagram boutiques, they are the stores that seemingly appear out of nowhere, have hundreds of thousands of followers on Instagram, are online-only and generally have the same inventory as other Instagram boutiques. It’s fantastic that businesses are rising and some of them are owned by women and minorities, which is always inspiring. The issue, however, is that when you first get to some of these websites everyone looks like Kylie Jenner or someone from her posse and the body shapes alone may discourage us to purchase their clothing because…I know I DEFINITELY don’t have that body. Out of this world curves, are you there? Still no? Ok then. Anyway, another discouraging factor is the availability of sizes at many popular stores. Petite and Plus-Sizes are technically still a ‘niche market’ meaning there are a still a small enough group that the sizes apply to, therefore stores may not want to spend the time and money offering ‘niche market’ sizes. Because of this, you have people like myself in your corner to offer some alternatives…FASHIONABLE alternatives. Lane Bryant is nice but…not really my audience, ya know?

All titles are linked to the sites! 🙂

Asos Curve

As some of you who have been subscribed for a while know, I mentioned Asos Curve a while ago because they have some INCREDIBLE jumpsuits and other fashionable pieces for curvy girls. The sizes range from 12-24 and the prices are also flexible whoop whoop!

Asos Petite

Go shawty its ya birthday! It may not be your birthday BUT Asos has a section for short ladies like myself who are 5’3 and under and also for women who are rather thin and can’t find adult clothing that won’t hang off their body. Asos Petite has sizes that range from 00-8 with a mid range price point.

*Mid-range = not $10 a pop but you are able to find cute pieces for around $30+

Simply Be

Simply Be offers great staple and seasonal fashions that won’t turn your pockets inside out. They offer more mature styles and careerwear for moms and women girlbossing from Monday through Friday. Their sizes range from 8-28 and in addition to great tops, skirts and dresses they also carry jeans, swimwear and shoes that have a wide option. It’s pretty much a one-stop-shop.

Hips and Curves (Curvy Lingerie)

If you’ve been trying to get your sexy on but feel like Victoria’s Secret has disappointed you size-wise, check out Hips and Curves! They have a very extensive collection of lingerie from corsets to baby dolls as well as bras & panties. Their sizes range from 1x-3x and their bras range from 36 C-46 F. In my opinion, they have some of the cutest lingerie I’ve seen and I’ve heard complaints from my voluptious friends about the extreme prices of plus-size sexy underwear if they find any at all. Hips and Curves offers a great price point and exciting variety!

Top Shop (they also over Tall and Maternity 🙂 )

Top Shop is a UK brand that has grown in popularity here in the  states. They have super trendy and cute clothes as well as classic staple pieces. The clothes aren’t cheap and you may find something that you ADORE but can’t afford. I encourage you not to shy away, but save up for it. If you still want it by the time you have the money…get it! You earned it. Anyway, Top Shop is not only available online but they have standalone stores and sections inside of most Nordstrom stores. The majority of their petite collection will be online so that’s a good place to start. The sizes range from 0-10 but just keep in mind that they are made for ladies 5’3 and under so if you’re taller it won’t fit the same as a standard size 6 or whichever size.

Lula Lu (Petite lingerie)

I’ve had a personal run in with purchasing a pair of size small lacy boy shorts at Victoria’s Secret and they were too big. How unflattering?! Not only do they offer an adorable selection of underwear but they also have small bra sizes from AAA-A. These sizes are extremely hard to find but Lula Lu got your back! There’s also other items like sleepwear, small busom adhesives and swimsuits.

Nordstrom  (Petite)

Nordstrom offers SO MANY brands and lucky for you, some of their top brands carry petite lines. You’ll find brands like Michael Kors, Halogen, BCBG MAX AZRIA and more who ALL run petite sizes. You can shop a wide variety of these looks online and some will be in-store as well.


Torrid has done a fantastic job rebranding and they have an immense inventory with a variety of fashions. Recently, they’ve also gone from carrying sizes 12-28 to carrying sizes 10-30 which is quite the impressive range. It’s important to note that when you’re shopping on the site, or if you’re in the store, that the sizes can be a bit tricky. When the size says 00 it is what we understand as a size 10 or medium/large. A size 6 would be a 6x or size 30. If you get confused, they do offer a size guide :). Aside from that trickiness, it’s a great option for plus-size shopping. They keep body shape in mind but they don’t sacrifice style like other brands or stores might make the mistake of doing.

Well that sums it up babes! Happy shopping and enjoy the weekend, pick out some good summer pieces and let me know what you think!

Lotts of Love,


#NoStandards ❤


2 thoughts on “My ‘Myspace Top 8’ for Petite and Plus-Size shopping

  1. sarahbooheckman says:

    This is great! I can certainly share it with my mom and all three of my sisters-in-law… But I hope to see something coming soon for the tall girls who have basically given up on buying long things — because it looks like we’re preparing for a flood. Much love!


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