My ‘Myspace Top 8’ for Tall Women’s Shopping

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Courtesy of Long Tall Sally

Hey there my sexy little Giraffes and tall glasses of water! Previously, I compiled a list of places to shop for my petite and curvy babes but I couldn’t leave out the tall girls! I have heard many struggles pertaining to shopping as a tall woman whether the pants are too short, the arms on the tops are too short, or that the tops are constantly showing unwanted midriff. “That shirt looks a little young on you, dear. Did it shrink in the wash?” These are all struggles that most of us don’t even think about! We head out to stores…any store really…try something on in a few sizes and buy it. Tall ladies prepare for battle when they shop because they know how annoying it’s gonna be when the jeans fit PERFECTLY– but they’re too short. That’s some crap. So here I am, in the name of everyone enjoying their shopping experience as much as possible, with a list of some cool places to shop that cater to your height. Ready?

Long Tall Sally

The clothing on this site varies in style but in general, carries trendy yet classy pieces. I’ve seen and heard about this online store in magazines and I can see why they’ve been mentioned. They have SO many choices! No limits! They carry sleepwear, swimwear, jeans, maternity (if you happen to be tall AND preggers…ultimate struggle) and shoes. Get this ladies– their shoes range from 9-15! They also carry brands that you recognize like Steve Madden, Ugg Australia, Sam Edelman, Nine West and MORE. Woop woop! The only con that I see is the prices which are a bit on the higher end ranging from $50-$100 for individual pieces.

Asos Tall

You guys know how much I love me some Asos. I just appreciate the fact that they are a marketplace on one side and that they sell VARIOUS sizes. They actually recognize that we come in many different sizes but that shouldn’t determine our style. What I like about Asos is that they carry “on trend” pieces that cater to Millenials so that you aren’t stuck wearing slacks because those are the only pants that you could find in size long. They even carry cute high-waisted shorts for the long-legged hunnies! The price range here is pretty affordable which most of us can appreciate, especially the broke college student. You can find tops and bodysuits for $20-$30 but there’s a large range. Also available, are more expensive items like $100+, it’s worth a peep!

Top Shop

Top Shop is similar to Asos in the styles they carry but it’s just a bit more expensive. HOWEVER, they do run fantastic sales so check back frequently if what you love is out of your price range and your bank account is like, “girl, bye.” Personally, I’m a sale watcher. I will stalk something I really want so don’t be scurred. Also, the sizes may run a bit small for us in the US so just keep that in mind.


Most people are familiar with Zappos but you may not know that they are one of few women’s shoe stores that actually carry sizes larger than 10! They don’t go up to 15 like Long Tall Sally but most of the brands that they carry offer up to size 12 in many different styles.

Old Navy

Old Navy whaaaat?! Yes girls, Old Navy carries clothes for the mama long legs out there. They don’t have a super wide selection but it’s worth knowing that it’s available to you when they have those killer sales and you would typically sit that one out. You may not have to anymore!

J Crew

Another store that may surprise people. They have quite the impressive selection for not being solely dedicated to tall clothing. J Crew also carries Tall Maternity clothing (again, in case you’re tall AND preggers…struggle). They have been consistent in offering quality pants for the office and some of the DOPEST blazers around. However, they are PRICEY. I’m not gonna lie to you. But hey– if you can afford these items or if you’re the type to save and invest in pieces you love, go for it. The prices for the blazers are roughly between $150-$250 and the pants are roughly $100-$200.

Nordstrom (Extended shoe sizes)

Here you’ll find some of your favorite brands that you’re familiar with in sizes that range roughly between 10.5 and 13. All tall women don’t struggle finding shoes, a friend of mine is 5’9 and wears a 9 or 9.5 BUT I know other women who are constantly looking for that size 11 or 12. Nordstrom also offers wide and extra wide shoes which can be a major challenge to find. ALSO their Anniversary sale will be starting on July 22 so that may be a good time to start shopping!


Hooray for long jeans! Typically, jeans have an inseam of about 30-30.5 inches but when you’re tall this is a major issue. Most people aren’t looking at inseam but a comfortable inseam length for tall women would be around a 32 or 33 inch and they carry those within their extended sizes section. They have all sorts of styles too– flare, skinny, jegging, girlfriend, etc. PLUS they have a sale right now where you can but one pair (typically around $70 or $80) and get the second pair for $29.90.

An honorable mention that a friend of mine told me about is Levi’s. Being a short person, I’ve noticed that their jeans do run quite long, which is great when you’re tall. Also, when shopping online you can choose your length up to 34 inches! 🙂

Alright babes, I really hope this helps! Let me know how your shopping goes. I’d love to hear from you!

Lotts of Love,


#NoStandards ❤

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