4th of July: I’m here for the BBQ

Land of the Fashionably Free, home of the Fashionably Brave! The time has come and I’m hungry just thinking about it! I hope everyone has plans to enjoy some sort of gathering or just get out of the house and enjoy the fireworks. I know sometimes it can be tough to figure out what to wear to certain occasions– especially with the HEAT but here are some ideas:

  • Don’t feel compelled to go out and buy something last minute. If you expand your mind a little you can probably find a cute white tee, some denim for the blue and pull off a bold red lip for the red!
  • If you’re like me and feeling rebellious, go ahead and let white be the statement of your outfit however having a light cardigan or button-down top handy will work in your favor when those ribs are giving you life and you forget what you’re wearing.
  • Try something festive, don’t take it too seriously! It’s a FUN holiday. If you have some goofy red, blue or white shades that you wore for Halloween once and never wore again…bust those suckers out! If you have a fun piece that you normally don’t wear, or a style that you usually don’t go for, 4th of July wants you to show it off.

Here’s some visual inspiration:

4th of July 1

4th of July 2

4th of July 4

// Forever 21 STEAL (similar) / Steve Madden Sandals //

I hope everyone enjoys their holiday!

Lotts of Love,


#NoStandards ❤



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