10 Things that People of Color Want White People to Know

In the midst of all of the racial tension and the necessary continued fight for true equality, it’s imperative that we discuss a few things. It’s harder than ever to get the majority to see the issues that plague the black community and other minority races. With that said, I’ve compiled a list of things that we’d like white people to know. Now, I’m FULLY aware that there are sympathizers out there who are out fighting right next to us and who genuinely see the need for equality for ALL OF US. But that’s the minority, let’s keep it real. So here we have important points that we just want you to understand and think about. The harsh truth is that our country was built on racism, injustice and inequality. Not exactly liberty and justice for all. Saying that we’re all equal and treating us all equally are two different things. Let’s change that. Read each line as objectively as possible, and then try to put yourself in our shoes.

1. Rid yourself of the “well, it’s not me or my family” mentality and stand with oppressed communities.

2. The term “white privilege” isn’t an insult. It’s an observation of reality. Acknowledge it and move on.

3. You denying the existence of white privilege won’t make it go away, but accepting it will put you in a position to advocate for people of color who have a small voice compared to your larger voice. United we stand, divided we fall. Right?

4. Admitting that we aren’t all equal isn’t a personal admittance of guilt. YOU may not see the inequality between you and your black friends but we actually experience it. Trust us, it’s real. The lack of equality doesn’t have to be carried on your shoulders, but that misplaced guilt may prevent you from acknowledging glaringly obvious inequality.

5. To our friends: When times get tough, have our back. If something happens to any of your friends, do you help them or do you ignore them? For example: If you have a friend who’s being abused, do you do everything that you can to help or do you allow the abuse to continue?

6. Stop telling us that, “it could be worse.” because we know that. It has happened. It could also be better, focus on that.

7. When the issues of race are brought up and you say that you don’t see color, you’re telling us that you don’t see the issues and injustice. That’s what I like to call, “willful ignorance”.

8. We aren’t looking for handouts, we’re looking for equality. 

9. When you see #BlackLivesMatter, don’t read #OnlyBlackLivesMatter. That’s not the message. Black lives are vulnerable right now, all lives aren’t. It’s perfectly fine to advocate for something without denouncing the other.
Person A: “Hey let’s save the endangered animals! #EndangeredAnimalsMatter” Person B: “Well we should be saving  ALL of the animals…#ALLAnimalsMatter” *eye roll*

10. Some people don’t understand Historically Black Colleges/Universities and why they exist so I’ll give you a quick explanation. People say that we should be allowed to have Historically White Colleges/Universities and the existence of HBCUs is racist. Ok– an HBCU is exactly like Yale, Brown, Harvard, etc. Those are Historically White Colleges/Universities but they just aren’t addressed as such. For those of you who aren’t aware, there was a time in the not-so-distant past when black students weren’t admitted to top-tier higher education, or any higher education  for that matter. And if they were admitted they’d be incessantly harassed. So what did they do? They built a comfortable place for black students to excel when they weren’t given the opportunities to do so elsewhere. Now what’s wrong with that? Can’t we all have the opportunity to be great?

BONUS* For the racist people: Please stop telling us to go back to Africa. The vast majority of your ancestors came here because they decided to, and as most of us should know by now, that’s just not black history.
“The dead cannot cry out for justice. It is the duty of the living to do so for them.”
-Lois McMaster Bujold 
Lotts of Love,

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