Fall transitions: Give em the boot!


It’s such a bummer that since I’ve moved to Boston summer keeps breaking up with me every single year around this time. WHY SUMMER?? WHYYYY? But by June of next year…I’ll probably allow it to come back in my life. How could I not? Β Anyway…so let’s paint a picture here. You wake up and it’s a bit cool outside. Summer is coming to a close but you’re definitely still in summer mode. What to wear…what to wear. That was the inspiration behind this Fall transition look. We’re all so so busy and for those of us who live where the seasons actually change we may not have had the time to change over our closet and start wrapping our heads around summer being over. No matter how much we’re trying to put it off…it’s time to pack away the halter tops and cutoffs and whip out the boots and cozy sweaters! BUT before we close the door on ALL things summer wardrobe let’s hang on to the cutoff denim shorts a liiiiiitttle longer. Are you about that Fall transition life?



So the idea here is that in the days/weeks leading up to Fall and during the first part of the season you can still keep some of your favorite Summer pieces out and blend them with some Fall items like these over-the-knee bad mamma jammas, olive/gold flannelΒ or this super dope bomber jacket. It’s essentiallly a blast from the past but a look into the future. Because the boots are so tall you can easily get away with shorts or a dress while mainting a seasonal look AND not being cold. I mean…the boots are PRACTICALLY pants, right?


Speaking of these boots…they scream C O N F I D E N C E. They are attention grabbing shoes that are so simple but the complexity and uniqueness is all in the length. Recently, I’ve heard the comment “I could never pull that off.” quite a bit. It confuses me because…how do you know? I’m a firm believer that if you think you look dope…you look dope. At least try it πŸ™‚

Lotts of Love,


#NoStandards ❀

(Baseball capΒ //Β chokerΒ //Β bracelets)

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