This is why I’m not voting for either Presidential Candidate

“A third party vote is a waste of a vote.”

“Not voting is a vote for *insert whom ever the speaker doesn’t want to win here*.”

The truth of it is that we are all granted the freedom to aid in the process of selecting the next president of the United States. Having this power is something that we should all be grateful for, and believe me, I am. But what I appreciate more than that are my morals and my right to stay true to myself. For me, personally, choosing the “lesser of two evils” is still choosing evil and at no point will I freely choose evil. We all cast our vote for a candidate that is in line with our beliefs and someone who we believe will make a great president. This line of thinking confuses me when people say, “I hate Trump but he’s a republican and Hillary is a criminal so I’m gonna vote for him.” Or “Trump is going to be a catastrophic president. I also don’t agree with anything that Hillary says nor do I trust her, but she won’t be as bad.” Umm…what?! In my mind, I can’t consciously vote for something that I don’t believe in. Period. If the election is what it’s supposed to be then these people have to EARN my vote. If you don’t earn something, why would I just give it to you?

When I voted for President Barack Obama in 2012 I couldn’t WAIT to get to the polls. I was excited. When I checked that box I felt a sense of pride and I genuinely supported him. I don’t have that feeling which, to me, is what it’s all about. There are plenty of people who have those same feelings about Trump or Clinton and there are also people who don’t, but will still check the box for them. That cheapens the experience and I’m choosing not to be a part of it.

Knowing what we as a black community have gone through to gain the right to not only vote but make it count as a full vote is of high importance to me as a member of that community. However, it’s not only the right to vote that speaks to me but also the choice. Guys, we have a choice…individually…and the freedom to do or not do feels damn good.

Do I know what I’m giving up? Absolutely. I’m giving up my power to choose the direction of the country but to be honest– I’d much rather not participate than sell out and vote for something and someone that doesn’t resonate with me. After all, the popular vote doesn’t decide who will become the next President, it’s a vote that says who we would prefer. 16 years ago during Gore vs Bush, we saw how someone who WE didn’t vote for could become our president so between that and everything else going on, I’m sitting this one out.

I’m Dominique Lott and I approve this message.

Lotts of Love,


#NoStandards ❀

2 thoughts on “This is why I’m not voting for either Presidential Candidate

  1. Audrette says:

    OMG!! YES!!! There is no law that says I have to vote! I am not breaking the law! I understand that voting is a privilege, but I do not support either of these candidates. Im very disappointed in America and no Im not leaving!

    Proud Mother

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