A Seat at Your Own Table

Hey beauties! So this look has taken me a while to share for a couple of reasons: 1. I was wrapping up finals and 2. I’ve been prepping for upcoming travels (taking Chasing Dom to a new level woop woop!) but I’m actually glad that I did take my time with this one and I’ll tell you why after a brief break for outfit pics πŸ™‚



Outfit details at the end of this post in case anyone wants to skip the part where I go on about life and encourage the masses.

So as most of you know, I’m a twentysomething and as some of you know, I’m recently single. Being single can be an invigorating experience filled with learning about yourself, discovering what you actually crave doing and building your life based on your own desires. Having single friends and being single myself I’ve come to realize another side to it and it has to do with self-worth. Too often do we base our self-worth on what others (specifically someone who you’re interested in) think about us. It’s easy to lose confidence if you develop feelings for someone who doesn’t reciprocate and you begin to wonder, “what’s wrong with me?“. DON’T DO THAT. This is what leads people into relationships that they probably shouldn’t be in because they are merely seeking validation.

Find the validation within yourself; being single is the best time to do that.

With this is mind, you won’t seek anyone to complete you but complement you instead. I implore you, my single babes, take this time for yourself and when a date flops, a guy doesn’t call or text back or when your ex moves on don’t get hung up on it being because you aren’t worthy. You 100% are and the more you realize that, the more attractive you become to others. You become the girl that will have someone because you want them around, not because you need them. Be independent in all aspects of life; take care of your mind, body and soul because you’re worth it. Realize what you bring to the table and don’t let anyone tell you that giving all that you have simply isn’t good enough.

I just wanted to leave you with something this week in conjunction with the week’s fashion moment which I’ll get back to riiiight now πŸ™‚



Have a great week and happy Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, merry Christmas and anything else that’s celebrated!

Lotts of Love,

Dom ❀

Outfit: Top Nasty Gal (similar cardigan) / Unitiques // Jeans: Hollister (DIY Cut) // Shoes: Adidas Neo // Accessories/Watch: F21 (old-ish)/ Michael Kors

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