That 70s Post

Hey hey everyone! I just wanted to quickly share this 70s inspired post with everyone. I’ve been meaning to get around to writing about it a while ago but…my life is still working on me. So as my readers probably know by now, my style can be pretty random. I don’t have a particular style that I stick to, which essentially means that I could be wearing ripped jeans and high top Nikes or I could be wearing a prom’s really a toss up. I’m a wild card and I’ve accepted it, if you’re one of my readers then I assume you have also (thanks πŸ™‚ ). Let’s get this going.

Do we love this orrrrrrr…?

So this little look here is 70s inspired from the Flares to the platforms and I’m here for it. The jeans and the heels are Michael Kors (sold out) and this poncho cape type of top is from good ol Forever 25…ok fine 21…I’m 25.

That’s all folks –I gotta get my life together because you guys are about to Chase Dom to London! More soon…stay tuned ❀

Lotts of Love,


#NoStandards ❀

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