Do I wanna Come Back to America? Volume 1

Hi, my name is Dom and I’m addicted to life in London.

…I don’t plan on seeking help.

As some of you may know, I’ve temporarily relocated to London to continue my studies. At the moment I’m attending London College of Fashion where I’m obsessively studying fashion media. Aside from the knowledge that I’m scooping up from the incredibly talented and experienced faculty, London itself will have a huge impact. It already has. I’m constantly surrounded by so many different cultures and pretty much anything you could ever want is right here. The street art, the tea rooms, the SHOPPING, the nightlife…it’s all so fresh and unique.


You can also decide to start anew with who you want to be while you’re here, if you decide to. All of the limitations that I felt when I was in America just aren’t there anymore. I can wear whatever I want, feeling comfortable testing out new looks and truly finding another aspect to my style.

I’ve never been a shy person in a traditional sense but living in Boston has certainly limited how far I push the fashion envelope, if I’m being honest.
Since I’ve been in London I haven’t felt out of place at all– with the exception of certain clubs that wouldn’t let a group of black girls in even if we had Naomi Campbell with us. But that’s a new rant entirely.

Anyway, I’m being sucked in guys…look out for more of my adventures and comment if you have any suggestions on places to go, things to see and/or close countries to venture off to!


Lotts of Love,

Dom ❤

// Jacket (leopard): Zara (on a SICKENING sale) / Jacket (long blue trench): Zara (similar)

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