13 Sizzling Summer Festivals & What to Bring (Tipsy Elves Collab)

I’m not sure about you guys but I always start celebrating Summer wayyy too early. In my defense, I’m in San Diego all Summer this year where the weather is perfect. Now as some of you may know, I’m originally from San Diego but I’ve been at school in Boston for the last few years. I have ONE MORE year to go, but life has pushed me to spend the Summer in Cali, which I never get the opportunity to do. Something about the endless sunshine and being spoiled enough to jump right over into the Pacific Ocean has been giving me all sorts of life. So much so, that I’m encouraging ALL OF YOU to hit a festival this summer via my collaboration with Tipsy Elves!

So, my girl Ronnae and I aka my wife and life partner in case no one marries us, aka my travel partner, hit up a festival or two every Summer. I’m not sure if it’s the thick pickings of artists to enjoy, the walking and drinking, the ability to wear something a bit crazy or just being out and about with the people you love the most while listening to music that feels like its literally coursing through your veins. It’s gotta be one of those, I’m sure.

So as for what to bring, this unicorn fanny pack is SO PERFECT! It even has a beer (or whatever you drink) coozy and two zip-pockets! This isn’t the only one they have, the selection is HUGE. Fanny packs actually really come in handy for festivals. All of your items are safely in front of you (cards, ID, make up, and any other small items that you may bring that I’m toootally not judging you for). Your hands are free, you’ll definitely need that. Here are a couple of other items that you should definite bring:

  1. Sunscreen! Regardless of color you do NOT wanna burn out there
  2. Scarf/something similar to cover your face from dust. Check the venue beforehand.
  4. Portable charger. Because…snapchat.
  5. If you don’t choose the fanny pack (idk whyyy you wouldn’t) then at least one person in the group should bring a small backpack and everyone switches off carrying it. Check the event website for size restrictions beforehand.

Sooo…you’re all very welcome. & as a bonus, here’s a list of “you better get your festival on this summer” festivals! Woop woooop!

What are your Summer festival plans?  Feel free to leave a comment with a suggestion that I don’t have here or tell me where you’re headed!

Lotts of Love,

Dom ❤

// Shorts: Hollister / Top (super cute alternative!): PacSun / Fanny Pack: Tipsy Elves //




One thought on “13 Sizzling Summer Festivals & What to Bring (Tipsy Elves Collab)

  1. Audrette says:

    So perfect! I love the fanny pack. I fear I may to old to wear one, because it looses all of its coolness! lol You wear it well 🙂


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