Baby’s 1st Vegetarian Holiday

Happy Birthday America!

BBQ. Freakin BBQ. Aside from the birthday of what we know as America, the Fourth of July is about beers & BBQ and Dom here, decided that she wanted to become a vegetarian right before the BBQ-est holiday that could ever exist.

I probably should’ve titled this, “Masochism: An Underappreciated Art

So what exactly made me take the plunge, you ask?

I watched a documentary called, “What The Health?” …let me finishhhh before you judge meeee…and now I can’t stomach the possibility of eating animal flesh. Yes, I’m aware that these documentaries are meant to scare people into certain lifestyles. Well it worked, damnit.

Now, the typical process of a docu-scare is this:

We’re all disgusted

We change for a week or so

We cave and decide that we love McDonald’s

and YOLO.

We’re all invincible, obviously.


I can’t speak for everyone and their story but I’ve been there. What made it different this time was my mentality. I’m ready to do it and committed because it goes beyond my health, it has now more than ever affected my morals. The film pointed out exactly how much money these MULTI-MILLION DOLLAR meat companies (Pharma companies as well) are donating to organizations such as the American Diabetes Association, American Cancer Society and the American Heart Association. The leaders of these health organizations are well aware of the harm that their sponsors are doing to the people that they are allegedly trying to cure and support, yet they still take their money. I can only imagine what they require in return, it can’t be good or beneficial to those suffering from Diabetes, Cancer or Heart Disease.

I can’t outwardly support an industry that is purposely keeping us sick for profit.

This of course is just a highlight, the film went on to highlight more interesting and insightful nuggets of knowledge. Some I agreed with and some I didn’t.


So back to the BBQ. I opted for the Gardein brand of veggie burgers which were actually quite filling. You can purchase those from Amazon or your local grocery store. I still slapped a little BBQ sauce on there though. It’s. 4th. Of. July.

I’m not gonna lie, I was a bit nostalgic for the texture and juiciness of a burger but mind over matter…and morals and all that. It’s not going to be an easy road and I’m going into this knowing that, especially spending the summer with my meat loving family. Ultimately, my body feels better already and I don’t regret beginning this journey. I’ve also realized that putting my story out there may encourage others and it also keeps me accountable. If no one knows that you’re quitting meat, it’s easier to cave because you don’t have to explain yourself to anyone but you.



I’ll need all of the love, suggestions and support that you guys can provide so don’t be shy! Also, if you have any vegetarian blogs that you can recommend let me know!!

// Romper:  Forever 21 / Backpack: Forever 21 / (similar, mine is SOLD OUT) / Shoes: So they went on super sale for $19.99 and of course they are sold out in all colors BUT I have some similar ones here and I promise to check for a restock! //

Lotts of Love,

Dom ❤

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