Look at the stars…look how they shine for you

and everything you do

Yeah they were all Yellow.

Coldplay anyone?  I love that song so much and felt inspired while selecting this look. My friend and photographer Ronnae has been wanting to do a “Yellow” shoot for summer and so we made it happen. Yellow is considered a happy color that radiates positivity, represents friendship and just all-around goodness so I wanted to discover the full meaning behind the song and then tie it in to this week’s blog post.

 Now, if you’re a regular reader of my posts then you know that I like to tie in a deeper meaning than just clothes as well as share a piece of life with my readers. So off I go, researching about the song. I had high expectations. I’m googling away with a song in my heart…waiting to be wowed by Chris Martin’s brilliance. So what did I find?

Basically, it’s just a song. There was no major inspiration behind it. Anticlimactic AF. Yes, it’s about unrequited love which is common amongst songs but that’s really it. So then I’m like well damn, now what am I supposed to write about??? So I start reflecting on happiness and sunshine and blah blah but then I just stopped. Jeez Dom, sometimes a song is just a song, but you still love it don’t you?

So then here you have it, if a song is just a song then sometimes a fashion post is just a fashion post *shrug emoji*. BUT YOU STILL LOVE ITTTT (hopefully πŸ™‚ ) in the spirit of all things yellow, below I’ve included some of my latest yellow toned faves from the spot where I snagged this jumpsuit! ZARA. 

P.S. If you’re wondering about the shoes, this brand is an OBSESSION of mine & I can’t wait to buy more. I’ll show you my NEXT PAIR that’s on my list and feel free to share your faves with me! 

Let me know if you love it!

Lotts of Love,

Dom ❀

Gingham Off-The-Shoulder / Monochrome Slides / Bucket Bag / Lace Crop Top (on sale $12.99!)

2 thoughts on “YELLOW.

  1. femmerewritten says:

    Loved this look! Yellow always looks amazing on black people haha. Thanks for sharing, I’m looking forward to reading your future posts. Check out my latest entries?
    Mena |


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