Oh no, commando!

Houston, do we have a problem? 

So now more than ever I think it’s becoming more popular for ladies to go commando and give no 18-wheeler trucks about it. Women have been braless and pantyless for years but the idea has grown in popularity as we are now more independent and self motivated than ever. Usually when a woman is just doing what she wants, minding her own business and a man happens to be turned on by it, all of a sudden she’s loose and needs to be locked up. But don’t throw away the key, he may have some use for her at some point *eyeroll* but I digress, just because you’re turned on…doesn’t mean she’s being slutty.

Another little tidbit that men don’t think about is that we have certain clothing styles that just don’t mesh well with undergarments. It’ll ruin the look…and it’s ALL ABOUT THE LOOK. How am I supposed to look effortless and smooth with lumpy underwear and tacky bra straps? HOW SWAY?! It simply won’t do! So please, for the love of smooth fashion, grow up so I can be comfortable. Because it’s not all about you. & even if we wanted to look a little suggestive and turn some heads…allow it. RE-LAX! You men seem to looove walking around in grey sweatpants with no underwear on, that’s all fine. But we can’t wear our lil tings? IT. DOESN’T. ADD. UP. & It ain’t up to you.

But in all seriousness, if you think it’s sexy then fine. It stops there though. Speaking from my personal life (which doesn’t revolve around a man) I don’t feel like my personal value and security is dependent upon what anyone thinks about what I’m wearing. I do agree that some people don’t have respect for themselves and they lower their standards for attention but that’s a new post entirely.


But hey, a lack of undergarments doesn’t equal a lack of respect for oneself. Don’t start making assumptions about promiscuity and how she lives her ADULT LIFE. This reminds me of this new song called P.O.P by new artist Belly. The song itself isn’t about a lifestyle that should be praised…but if you look passed the aw hell nah moments, he basically talks about how women can control men with their sexuality and that’s the P.O.P or the Power Of…you get it. A little tea though, because we’re all a little thirsty, he features Blacc Chyna in the video and we all know how she used her P.O.P…so take the lyrics with a grain of salt. BUT for me, I feel like we can do what we want and look damn good doing it. It makes some people uncomfortable. That’s the real P.O.P ❀

Lotts of Love,

Dom ❀

Do you dare to wear this set from Pretty Little Thing? Snag the shorts and top and let me know if you love it!

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