Let’s Make A Summer Spritzaaa! (P.O.P pt 2)

GUYS! Ok so, my last post was all about women going confidently commando and just being comfortable with wearing whatever you want so I decided to focus on that BUT the part 2 of that post is this: We made a BOMB DRINK when we shot that look. Because it was so delicious and perfect for the end of summer cookouts that I KNOW you’re all planning, I’m gonna share what we like to call the “Summa Spritza”.

Cheeeeerrrssss to the drinkin weekend, I’ll drink to that yeah yeahhh…

So me and my girl Ronnae, who I will refer to from here on out as my wife because she pretty much is, were getting our Sunday Funday on when the hours passed and we were like “crap, we really need to start these pics before it gets dark…” so we got our lives together and headed to the crib. On our walk we stopped at Ralph’s for some BOMB DRINK essentials:


750 ml bottle of Wild Strawberry Skyy Vodka (basic bish not included)

750 ml bottle of Peach Stella Rosa (real housewife not included)

1 liter model of Sprite

GUMMY BEARS (no judging allowed…just go with it)

1 Lemon

…down we trot down the block skipping with booze in hand and the world being our drunken oyster. Ok let’s get to the point, how do you make the beverage?


  1. Pour entire bag of gummy bears into a pitcher
  2. Slice lemon into adorable instagrammable slices
  3. Add bottle of wine…all of it…don’t be shy now
  4. Add bottle of vodka…all of it…ok you don’t have to use all of it but we did (no judging allowed)
  5. Add Sprite to taste

** You can also add Blue Curacao for an extra cool blue look but we skipped that part…

You can throw some ice in the pitcher if you’d like or just add ice to a shaker and serve cold individually. It’s a super easy drink to make that has some inexpensive ingredients. Things you may or may not have left over on the top of your fridge or in your likka cabinet! It’s super flexible, you can easily make different variations and flavors by switching out the wine and vodka flavors.

I want to share more pieces of Dom’s life and include more lifestyle posts so look forward to more of this! & Remember, drink responsibly…or irresponsibly but stay home!

Lotts of Love,

Dom ❤



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