Why is it so hard to accept the party is over? 

Holy moly it’s been a whiiiile! Guys I have just been so incredibly busy doing things that I’m not passionate about to pay for the things that I am passionate about. Issa struggle grind. However, here I am with some new content and more pieces of my life to share…excuse my thoughts if they’re all over the place that’s just what it looks like right now…
I’ve had to let go of many things this year. I mean that both literally and figuratively. In early May of this year it was like one day I was in Boston unwinding from my U.K. experience and the next day (actually 4 days later) I had to pack up whatever my Jetta could hold, put the rest in storage and drive home to California. So here I sit..back in my family home. Letting go of privacy, independence and definitely some pride. But that’s life sometimes ain’t it? 
Because I’ve decided to call San Diego home again, I also had to transfer during what should have been my final year of school…let go of some course credits during the transfer as well…*sigh*…but I keep telling myself that it will all be worth it. 

While I have you here, let’s also chat real quick about letting go on Instagram. Like the “real real” that bloggers don’t talk about. Being a blogger, particularly fashion or beauty, can make you very insecure…again…this can make you VERY INSECURE. The need for comments and likes and followers can be intense and make you question your self worth. Other bloggers may have an alternate experience and that’s fantastic but I said what I said and I stand by it. I’m thinking that maybe I should delve into this deeper in another post…I have SO MUCH to say about it. But I digress, the IG experience has been overwhelming at times but realizing that my current audience is what I have, my influence is where it needs to be and there are greater things ahead for me, means that I can finally let all of that extra shit go…

Last but certainly not least…I left my longest and most intense love in Boston. We had been apart for a little while but deciding to move home really meant that it was time to let the existence of “us” and that connection go as well, once and for all…despite the seemingly immeasurable amount of love that we share(d). I remember last January wanting so badly to go home when we were in the process of splitting up. I couldn’t bring myself to leave. Us being apart just wasn’t enough. It’s funny how life will force a decision for you when it’s time, right? Precisely why you have to release a lil bit of that control. Realize that in order to grow into who we are meant to be we must continuously shed along the way. 

I invite those of you reading this to not be afraid of what the Universe, God, the future (or whatever you believe) has for you. We aren’t aware of the plan and this is frightening. Trust me, I’ve been scared shitless all year as I get closer to defining who I am. When it looks like everything is falling apart right in front of you just remember that things fall apart just before it all comes together. Let the past go so that you can receive your next gift. 

Lotts and Lotts and Lotts of Love, 

Dom ❤

10 thoughts on “Why is it so hard to accept the party is over? 

  1. Cyndi says:

    Love you girl…gods plans are not always ours but you are one woman I know has the strength, courage and heart to take on any thing that comes her way.😘


  2. Audrette says:

    Well written/said. I have been in a similar season; what I thought was going to work out it didn’t. Almost 4 years ago I walked away from a job/career of 17 years confident that I was going to be out of work maybe 3 months and go back into the salary I was accustomed to..,I quickly learned that was not true. After 3 jobs in 3 years, and fluctuating salaries I think I may finally be going where God is taking me. I’ve learned to be humble and grateful in this process..so I get it! Thank you for sharing your truth and opening the door! God has great things in store for you! Love, Mom ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    • Dominique Lott says:

      I love you so so much!! I’m incredibly excited for this new chapter in your life and it’s well deserved. He is taking you exactly where you need to be and that has been the plan the whole way! Love you lady!! ❤

      xx Dom


  3. Monique says:

    I just made 33 this month and it took me this long to realize it never works how we want it to . So many things have not went my way so many decisions and not enough time but God keeps me on my toes I must say. This yr has been a rough one for me too but it’s not over yet things are looking brighter I guess you can say I have accepted that the party is over and my fantasy of being a stay at home mom that shops all day is really just a dream. Thanks for sharing you made my day !
    Love always cousin Monique 💋


    • Dominique Lott says:

      GIRL! I hear you. When you genuinely want to do better you absolutely will, I believe that! You’re such a wonderful mother and wife and life is going to keep testing you because look at everything that you’ve overcome. Your gift may not be the stay at home mom shopaholic but its gonna be something NEXT LEVEL! I’m putting those positive vibes out there for you! I love you so very much. ❤

      xx Dom


  4. tiffaniitreats says:

    I really love this. It honestly came at a good time for me. Sometimes someone else can expose truths in your own life and that’s what this did. I feel that when too many changes happen at one time, I think we really began to understand the infallibility of life and how truly unstable it can be. Even with us constantly going against the grain and fighting it, our own truths will be revealed.

    But as you said there is no reason to be afraid of what’s in store for us all. It’s more likely that the change is needed to get to our greatest destination.

    Love you!



    • Dominique Lott says:

      & the change that’s needed is always something that you LEAST expected at the beginning of your journey, ain’t that crazy? I’m here for you during this life transition. Strap in girl! lol

      Love youuuu

      xx Dom


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