Dom who?


My name is Dominique Lott, almost every single person who speaks to me calls me Dom so that’s my name. I’m a past Active Duty Airman (USAF) turned full-time fashionista of sorts. If you ask my soul, she’ll say she’s always been a full-time fashionista. Anyway, I’m now in the Air Force Reserves (weekend warrior), Majoring in Fashion Communication/Journalism full-time, & trying to find a solid career path for myself in the fashion world. I’m 26 now and a bit overly ambitious. If that’s not apparent.

I’m originally from San Diego, CA where I will always feel the most comfortable but I currently live in Boston, MA. Go Patriots, or whatever I’m supposed to say to keep them from killing me. It’s a curious city, very historic with smart people all over the place. I blame Harvard and MIT. Maybe smart people just enjoy the cold. Well I hate the cold, so that’s obviously not true.

My goal is to blog about fashion. Surprise, surprise. But I’m bored with the typical voice of most fashion blogs, so I’ll use my own. I’m still finding it though, so bare with me. I’m not really into the “summer time fashion” type of rules or forcing people to think that they must fit into a certain fashion box. Most of us can’t afford the awesome stuff in that box anyway. I want to embrace all of our body types and share my good finds. Wear what makes you feel your youest you. That’s why this is “For the love of fashion and owning who you are, unapologetically.”

Lotts of Love,


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